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  • GPS moving map software for Windows and Windows Mobile.
  • Develops software receiver technology for realtime GPS and Galileo. Fully functional receivers available.
  • GPS receiver performance analysis software for most manufacturers receivers and data formats.
  • Developers of RASTRAC software, and integrators of systems for management of mobile assets and vehicle tracking. Product pictures, descriptions and FAQ. Dealer locator.
  • Provides a ground collision avoidance and navigator software for hand-held computers. Germany.
  • Offers patented GPS devices with location aware software supported by Google Maps and ATT. USA.
  • GPS/GIS Mapping Software enables direct access to multiple online sources of imagery, topographic maps, and gridded terrain data.
  • Provider of mobile apps for conferences, tradeshows and events. USA.
  • Licenses software for management of telecommunications technicians in the field, or in enterprise organizations. Scheduling, dispatching, reporting, inventory, circuits,
  • Provides software tools and engineering services for wireless carriers. USA.
  • Software automatically plots locations of sex offenders, protected areas, crimes and minor incidents.
  • System composed of a Web and plugin for mobile devices with GPS that allows recording warnings and URL associated to geopoint in the planet.
  • Software house specializing in the development of mobile solutions such as tools for personal digital assistant (PDA). UK.
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