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  • Supplies messaging and location technology to wireless carriers, including software and services.
  • U-TDOA technology for E-911 and other location-based services. Company offers core location technology, design, installation, and integration services.
  • Provides active RFID location tracking solutions that utilize a standard Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Cooperative real time kinetic network for members to use for GPS applications. USA.
  • Provides positioning technology for location solutions including GPS, SBAS, GLONASS and wireless products.
  • Mobile location based services and zone detection. Works with Operators and other providers to location-enable existing services and new applications.
  • Provider of global positioning satellite tracking systems.
  • Provides real-time location system using active RFID.
  • Provides products and services includes crisis management and risk management software, satellite phone tracking. USA.
  • Platform that enable the transmission of location with data between mobile devices enabling location-based-services (LBS). USA.
  • Manufacturers of collision warning systems and vehicle tracking systems for both fleets and private vehicles. Netherlands.
  • Developed a privacy management platform which enables users of location based services and other social networking sites to control and manage who they share their
  • Positioning system that works by triangulating signals from surrounding cellular towers and Wi-Fi access points. It is based on a community of users mapping the wireless
  • Specializes in GPS and GNSS test and simulation technology for the U.S. Government, prime contractors, and commercial sector. USA.
  • Provides worldwide tracking services for ships, trucks and all types of vehicles. Technologies used included Inmarsat D+ and GSM/GPRS. Services are offered via Web.