Used, Hungary

Used Hungary Companies Worldwide
  • Supplier of radio manuals, test equipment, and antennas and two-way radio equipment.
  • Includes for sale and wanted classifieds, service directory, and technical tips.
  • Buys and sells used two way radio communications equipment. Includes current stock inventory. Located in Burlington, Ontario.
  • Buys and sells used two-way radio equipment. Includes online catalog and news.
  • Distributes and services used and reconditioned ComNet-Ericsson/GE two-way equipment, parts, and accessories.
  • Offers two way radios, secure DES DVP or analog, repeaters, mobiles portables, receivers, comparators, Centra-com, remotes, tone reeds, filters, programming, parts and
  • Surplus and used two-way radio wholesaler. Includes online inventory. Located in Burlington, Ontario.